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Ted Reed

Three and a half years younger than his brother Bud, Ted grew up without the responsibility to follow his older brother into the military career. Instead, his love of animals led him into the Veterinary Science program at Kansas State University.


With his father and older brother in active duty, Ted struggled with his desire to complete his education and join the war effort. His father wrote to him from Normandy to continue his studies:


"Yes, I certainly approve of your actions in continuing your Vet studies instead of going into the Infantry. You will be much more valuable to your country as a Vet than you would be as an Infantryman."


Ted was named director of the National Zoo in Washington, DC in 1958.

Col. Ollie W. Reed

Mildred Boddy Reed

Lt. Ollie W. Reed, Jr.

Ted Reed

Laura Sloman Reed and

Ollie W. Reed, III

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