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Love and Sacrifice

A Story from the Heart of America

Love and Sacrifice is the sweeping epic story of an American family as they travel the country and globe in military service through the first half of the 20th century. Follow Ollie Reed and Mildred Boddy from their birthplace of Norton, Kansas to ever-changing locations around the world, while raising two sons in the aftermath of one war and into the face of another.


Advancing up the army's career ladder from private to colonel, Ollie Reed set a course for his son to follow on a career in the service. His eldest son, Buddy, gained admission to West Point and graduated in the first class to gain their commissions in World War II.


Letters among family members, as well as the personal memoirs Mildred wrote for her grandchildren, Love and Sacrifice provides an intimate window into the lives of this American family. Growing together, being torn apart, falling in love, and suffering unimaginable tragedy - these are the narratives of Love and Sacrifice, all told within the historical context of their time and place.


Love and Sacrifice is available in paperback and ebook from the outlets listed on the front page of this website. Contact Dennis Whitehead for additional information.


"Love and Sacrifice is an essential story in the history of World War Two and of the entire era. Indeed, this is a story from the heart of America of a proud Kansas family. The sacrifices the Reed family made for their country and for freedom are still being made today by our military families. Their message of hope arising from adversity rings as true now as it did then." - U.S. Senator Robert Dole


Col. Ollie W. Reed

Mildred Boddy Reed

Lt. Ollie W. Reed, Jr.

Ted Reed

Laura Sloman Reed and

Ollie W. Reed, III

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