"To some much is given, to others much is asked." The story of the Reed family is one of universal and traditional American values and the ultimate price father and son gave on foreign battlefields to defend those values. Their story will touch the heart of every person worthy of the name American." - Hal Buell, author, We Were There: Normandy

Love and Sacrifice is a sweeping narrative nonfiction book about an American family who sacrificed all for their country. This never-before-told story details the lives of a family, deeply rooted in the Kansas soil, through the first half of the 20th century, wrapped in the historical context of the time and place. The story is richly illustrated with hundreds of photographs, brought to life by the memoirs of wife and mother, Mildred Reed, as well as intimate letters among family members. What happens to the family is shocking, how they recover is heartening and inspiring.


Love and Sacrifice is written by Dennis Whitehead, a Washington, DC writer, photographer, and producer. His words and pictures have appeared in newspapers, magazines, and on television around the globe. He is the author of The Day Before the War recounting the events of August 31, 1939 along the German-Polish border that ignited World War II in Europe. That books is based upon his cover story for After the Battle magazine in the U.K., titled, "The Gleiwitz Incident." Whitehead wrote "In the Shadow of Sunrise" for World War II History magazine, documenting the efforts of Italian partisans to bring an early end to the war in northern Italy. He co-authored the groundbreaking story, "In Service to the Jewish State," about the recruitment of notorious SS leader, Colonel Walter Rauff, by agents of the nascent Israeli intelligence services for the Ha'aretz newspaper in Israel. His upcoming "Shell Shock Suicide," about the twin Cromwell sisters will be appearing in The Big Roundtable. Love and Sacrifice comes from his work as associate producer on the PBS documentary, "Hallowed Grounds," telling the stories of the overseas American military cemeteries.


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Col. Ollie W. Reed

Mildred Boddy Reed

Lt. Ollie W. Reed, Jr.

Ted Reed

Laura Sloman Reed and

Ollie W. Reed, III



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